woensdag 16 april 2014

AC/DC statement - AC/DC Lives!

"After forty years of life dedicated to AC/DC, guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band due to ill health. Malcolm would like to thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support.  In light of this news, AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family’s privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music."

After the wildest rumours of these past few days, here it is.  An official statement from the band.  It says it all in the first couple of words and in the last sentence.  All in between is very personal and private.  I deeply feel with the Family in these tough times and wish Malcolm all the best.  Malcolm Young is a fighter, a humble and generous man, and has been more than the backbone for this band that has been a beacon for Rock and Roll history for more than 40 years...... and still counting, just like it reads in the last phrase: AC/DC lives !

zondag 13 april 2014

Vote AC/DC in Stubru's heavy list!

It's that time of the year again.  You can vote your favorite band into Studio Brussel's Heavy List, presented by Alex Agnew.  Click this link to vote: De Zwaarste Lijst  Simply select AC/DC from the drop down menus and your duty 's fulfilled!

If you can't wait until the 21st of April, you can try to get your hands on the vinyl reissue of Stiff Upper Lip and Ballbreaker, two absolute rarities on vinyl, and just reissued for the sake of Record Store Day.  Hurry up while supplies last!

woensdag 26 maart 2014

AC/DC, The French Touch

Our friends in France, Philippe Lageat and Baptiste Brelet, have worked very hard and are ready to surprise the world soon with a master piece that assembles all possible traces left by AC/DC during their numerous visits in France.  The high quality book 'AC/DC Tours de France' will cover ALL concerts of the band in France and every possible recording they did.  The book is packed with high quality pictures as well as fan photos, and lots of interviews, even with the band members.  Bravo les gars!

Hurry up if you want your book in a limited edition format: you can pre-order on http://acdc.letsroot.net/
Beware, there might be an oncost for shipping to Belgium, and bien sûr it's all in French......

zaterdag 15 februari 2014

AC/DC 2014 Anniversary Bash

While racing at Palm Beach Grand prix in Florida, Brian Johnson found some time for a radio interview with a Florida radio station.  Brian revealed plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band with a new album and a world tour. 

The band might start recording a new album as from May 2014 in Vancouver, and the world tour would encompass 40 shows, one for each year the band exists.  Brian also tells that this interviewer has the luck to know about this since the band has up till now always denied such plans, seen the health concerns of one of the band members.  You can listen to the interview below.

We hope all turns out fine and that the band can take great pleasure to hit the recording tapes in the studio as planned! We will keep you posted as soon as more news comes in.

zaterdag 8 februari 2014

The Boss pays tribute to AC/DC in Perth...

.... by opening one of their shows in Perth earlier today with Highway to Hell!

It opens up quite softly but as from minute three the E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen built a guitar wall that could stand a storm.  Great warmup song! ENJOY.

maandag 11 november 2013

AC/DC live in Deurne 1978

On this important day of 11 November, it is important to remember.  Armistice day.  No more war.  Ever.

But this day off is actually a great occasion to update this website, and to remember also another passage of AC/DC in Belgium.  On 26 October 1978, one day earlier as planned, AC/DC played in the Arena hal in Deurne, close to Antwerp.  

We have told you the story behind Bedlam in Belgium but this concert was at least as wild: the Arena Hall was well packed with a bigger crowd than the year before in Kontich. There were also small fights, but at least no large scale riot, and without the police officers pulling the plug like in 1977.

The motorclub Outlaws was doing security for the show and they were reported to be a little over active, calming the crowd down with wooden bats.  This caused the band to intervene and to stop playing during High Voltage.  Coming to sound: the band became really known for their ear blowing loudness. Look at that wall of sound with stacks of cabinets and Marshal heads on the pictures!

Ac/dc must have been well trained for this concert, after having played already more than 100 shows in the US and Europe earlier that year.

Supporting band that night was St. Paradise (according to www.ac-dc.net), a US hard rock group formed in the same year by ex-Ted Nugent band members Derek St. Holmes (vocals & guitar) and Rob Grange (vocals & bass).  With Denny Carmassi (Montrose) on drums, they released an album the year after and then split soon after.
Thanks again to Danny for the beautiful pictures! It is important to help us remember.  And never forget!  So if you were there, don't hesitate to leave a comment and share your memories. 

donderdag 19 september 2013

Brian Johnson & Sting !

As announced earlier, Brian Johnson sings aloud on two tracks of the new Sting album.  The first track Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint nearly sounds like a joly good Geordie song.  It sounds quite fun!  Sit down relax and have some tea!

And here's one more, entitled Shipyard.  Brian does a great cameo and explores a full fledged musical style.  WOw...something my ears need to get used to!  A song with Jo Lawry and Jimmy Nail.  See you on Broadway Brian (or soon on tour with the lads, I prefer).