maandag 20 oktober 2008


A lot of news, published throughout different media, reaching an all time peak with the Black Ice album finally released and all tour dates nearly sold out. I try to bundle some of the most interesting bits on this Bedlam in Belgium Blog.
First of all, the launch of the new album has been commemorated throughout the world. In Belgium, Angus Young clones were noticed around central train stations to hand out stickers for the Black Ice release. In Antwerp, a handful lucky fans could prelisten the album and witnessed a nice show of AC/DC coverband Action In DC (more details about this evening later). In Rome, the band's logo was projected onto the famous Colosseum for one night. In Paris, fans could go on a treasure hunt to score tickets for the warm up concert in New York (source: H2ACDC-France).

On you can download a new application that installs an Angus desktop icon on your screen with all bits of the new album.
On the other hand we receive surprising news via the USA Today. In an interview with the newspaper, Brian Johnson announces that this could be his last tour (!??!): "At 61, this could be my last shot," Johnson says, but he adds that the run-throughs (red.: the band is currently rehearsing for the tour in Philadelphia) "have been smooth as a gravy sandwich." Enough for fans to speculate about this Black Ice tour being the very last tour. No worries as for now, because concerning the 18 month tour, we can almost tell for sure that there will be a second leg in Europe (open air and small club gigs during summer?) and in the US. 2008-2009 promisess to be an interesting year for AC/DC fans all over the world!

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