maandag 27 oktober 2008

Positive reactions on first show yesterday

Yesterday, AC/DC kicked off the first leg of their Black Ice tour in Wilkes-Barre, USA with a private show, for thousands of lucky fans from all over the world. The setlist was rather short but is expected to be longer for the future shows (as on the picture from yesterday below). Songs from the new album are R'nR Train, Black Ice, Anything Goes, Big Jack and War Machine.

Gisteren is de Black Ice tour van start gegaan in de Verenigde Staten met een exclusieve show voor de fans. De setlist gisteren was eerder kort, maar voor de volgende shows kunnen volgende tracks verwacht worden (zie foto van de playlist onder). Uit het nieuwe album worden R'nR Train, Black Ice, Anything Goes, Big Jack en War Machine geplukt:

View some of the first YouTube fan videos of last nights show here (bombastic opening with R'nR Train) and here (Back in Black)!

Meanwhile you can download the first video clip in Microsoft Office Excel ever here. This is extremely cool, unfortunately it's not the entire R'nR Train video. Make sure you enable all macros on your computer.

Hier kan je de eerste video clip ooit in Excel downloaden. Zorg wel dat je PC de macro's accepteert.

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