zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Rotterdamnation on Friday 13th! (update)

The ACDC Belgium team made a small excursion to Rotterdam yesterday to see the band perform in a packed venue, similar to the Antwerp Sportpaleis, but with a smaller capacity of around 10000 people. Dutch people are generally way ahead of us in terms of organising crowds, but this time they got all weird. Cueueing up, the masses were divided in cages (between nadars and red tape) against incidents. Once in, they would first fill Cliffs' side of stage and then only Malcolm's, when Cliff's side was complete (duh!). Of course that system didn't hold waterproof for a long time, so we could actually run up front rather quickly.

Show and setlist were comparable to what we had seen in Antwerp, with some slight changes. At least some details were different to what had escaped to our eyes in Antwerp. Brian painfully twisting and squeezing his balls to reach the higher end notes (I think at the end of Anything Goes) and the Rock 'n Roll train being pulled backwards to make room for Rosie. Usually Rosie's riding the train. Again the band was in extremely good shape with visibly Brian and Angus having great fun on stage. The mojo barriers along the catwalk were placed conservately far away from the catwalk, so shaking hands with Brian became a balancing act for both handshaking parties, or should I say fingertip shaking?

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Anoniem zei

Hoi Philleke, t'was straf he! Tieten en Rock 'n roll. De beste plekken ooit, dankzij de perfecte (ahum) organisatie.
Grtzz aus Holland,
Francois & Mark
(en nog bedankt voor het platte water)