maandag 15 november 2010

Brian back on stage (new footage)

Alright y'all out there. It's about time I crept back out of my hole and post something new on your favorite AC/DC Bedlam in Belgium Blog. Last Saturday, Brian Johnson joined the Greg Billing Band on stage for a concert at the Irish Rover Pub in Sarasota, Florida. It's not the first time that Brian shakes a leg in Florida with his friend Greg Billing. About 3 years ago, in December 2007, he and Cliff Williams performed Back in Black (first video). Brian has also been singing a Beatles song with them.

As we were showing serious signs of AC/DC cold turkey after the Berlin show, we always wondered how the boys would deal with an abrupt end of a long tour. In the video below, Brian sings an 'intimate' version of DDDC. Attentive viewers will find out that the Black Ice tour left its marks as Brian clearly got impregnated with the big stadium choreography (and the bind texts - "we've got something special"). The band plays a good tune and Brian sang his heart out. Enjoy! Update: YSMANL (thanks Boogie!) / WLR (thanks Boogie bis!).

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