zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Brian talks cars and new album/DVD

Hell Yeah! The new live DVD, accompanied by a live CD from the Argentina shows during the Black Ice tour are due for in about six weeks (early April). That's what Brian confirms in this clip. Watch it to take a glimpse of the sweet Porsche he bought his missus for Christmas. Smart move Brian! Enjoy!

The LTBR The Movie DVD will be a WARNER home video release. No exact release date known (yet). :o)

Remember Bon Scott (Rock in Peace).

woensdag 9 februari 2011

Let there be rock - the movie - finally on DVD?

From Blabbermouth: "Let There Be Rock", the AC/DC concert documentary that was filmed December 1979 at the Pavillion De Paris, will finally receive its long-awaited DVD release in June (postponed from the previously announced January). Eddie Trunk, the co-host of the VH1 Classic television program "That Metal Show", was interviewed about the band's impact for one of the DVD's bonus features. He wrote last year on his blog, "[The company which is releasing the DVD is] doing some cleanups to the audio and video and making it as high-def as the source will allow." He added, "I can tell you I have an advance and it looks and sounds great, but they are making it even better!"

According to the All Music Guide, "Let There Be Rock" was released in France a year after it was filmed, though American release was delayed until well after the band had established themselves in the States with new vocalist Brian Johnson and the multi-platinum success of the "Back In Black" album.

YES YES YES.... the original masters of this recording were long time rumoured to have been lost/destroyed. I wonder what the result will look like. This we will know, of course, if we have more certainty about the rumour being true.... to be continued.

maandag 7 februari 2011

What about Cliff?

After we had some news on how Brian copes with the aftermath of the Black Ice Tour, we now have some video footage of Cliff. He explains how much he's into fishing lately. Check out this video from Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp:

In this interview from Bass Frontiers, Cliff talks about how he joined AC/DC:

That's it for now. Remember Cliff's advice: keep banging the door!