woensdag 9 februari 2011

Let there be rock - the movie - finally on DVD?

From Blabbermouth: "Let There Be Rock", the AC/DC concert documentary that was filmed December 1979 at the Pavillion De Paris, will finally receive its long-awaited DVD release in June (postponed from the previously announced January). Eddie Trunk, the co-host of the VH1 Classic television program "That Metal Show", was interviewed about the band's impact for one of the DVD's bonus features. He wrote last year on his blog, "[The company which is releasing the DVD is] doing some cleanups to the audio and video and making it as high-def as the source will allow." He added, "I can tell you I have an advance and it looks and sounds great, but they are making it even better!"

According to the All Music Guide, "Let There Be Rock" was released in France a year after it was filmed, though American release was delayed until well after the band had established themselves in the States with new vocalist Brian Johnson and the multi-platinum success of the "Back In Black" album.

YES YES YES.... the original masters of this recording were long time rumoured to have been lost/destroyed. I wonder what the result will look like. This we will know, of course, if we have more certainty about the rumour being true.... to be continued.

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