zaterdag 14 mei 2011

AC/DC brand new cool Interview

Probably from the day before the screening of Live at the River Plate,
Excellent interview from Absolute Radio, in which Angus and Brian discuss touring, live on the road and the passion they still have for it.

zondag 8 mei 2011

AC/DC Live at River Plate OUT NOW !

The Hammersmith Apollo 6 May.
The same old venue (constructed in 1932 as a Cinema complex), now under the HMV flag, in 2003 exploited as a concert hall by the British beer brand Carling, before that a by other brewers. One single constant factor remained: the connection to the legacy of AC/DC. The band played the Apollo 16 times in 35 years, for the last time in 2003 (see pictures previous posts).

On 6 May, Sony Music rolled out the red carpet for the worldwide premiere of the new DVD Live at River Plate. Actually, the band walked a black carpet with red band logo lettering, and posed for the gathered press in front of a typical heavily logoed banawall and all of this in a style only AC/DC gets away with: casual but rock and roll. Also present: 2 real size canons the Hells Bell, and -as in 2003- lots of AC/DC fans. They came in from all over the world: Canada, Italy, Chile, France, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, you name it.

AC/DC Belgium could also witness the screening of the new DVD, on -according to "UK's largest movie screen (the equivalent of 4 double decker buses stacked)". Next to your reporter, the Studio Brussel contest winners Leen and Jonathan from Kortrijk Rock City, who were treated on a splendid stay in London (it only rained once....) with 2 tix for the premiere.

After being introduced by no other than ant snorting (and other dirty deeds) Ozzy Osbourne, the band (without drummer Phil - taking care of his tornado challenged belongings back in NZ) took the stage for a 2 minute speech in which they expressed their gratitude to the people who made the movie possible and to the "best rock fans in the world". Even though they already saw the movie, the band took place among the fans to watch a big deal of it.

That for the scene setting. Now to the DVD, which can be called a genuine masterpiece. The 32 HD cameras paid off: never were we treated with such a high quality images of an AC/DC concert. Forget VHS copies of the Donnington shows, bootleg Let there Be Rock DVD's: this is thé band's ultimate Live video. Mix these images with those of the bloodhot and steaming Argentina crowd and you get a wonderful idea of what AC/DC shows look like. You will be able to smell the sweat from your screen off all those Argentinean fans pogoing and jumping up and down for the entire length of the show. Excellent choice! You can order the DVD (with or without special T-shirt package) here: SONY AC/DC shop.