dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Belgian AC/DC tribute bands

There are some great Belgian AC/DC cover bands out there.  Today, I'll present you two of them.
The first one is High Voltage, a band that exists since 1992 and has played over 600 shows (even in China). You might have seen the guitar god Angus Young clone before.  He also played Angus in the reknown Dutch cover band Action In DC.

The band is playing in two weeks on the Belgian cover band festival Stage on Rails (Ghislenghien).  For more info, programme and tickets, click the festival logo:

The second Belgian cover band is IC/TC, formerly known as I See/The Sea.  These youngsters have the raw power and reflect the energy of the band in the early days.  I've seen them a couple of years ago in Antwerp and I'm really curious to see how they evolved.  I hope to cross their path this summer.  
Take a look at their website for their summer tourdates.

Proud to be Belgian!

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What about Iese / Daase ?

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..And what about ISEE/THEYSEE


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En de beste niet vergeten: Bedlam in Belgium!