vrijdag 16 mei 2014

With Angus (and Stevie...) Young in the studio ...

Treat yourself to a great read for the weekend and visit the website of SoloDallas for an intimate visit of the recording studios in Vancouver, Canada.  SoloDallas - a lifelong AC/DC fan - was invited to the studios along with Ken Shaffer, the inventor of the Shaffer-Vega Diversity System (SVDS) and got a tour, with Angus as the guide.  The articles provide an insight in Angus' guitar sound and come with great pictures from within the studio.  Yep, now we know what Stevie Young is doing in Vancouver: playing the AC/DC pinball!  Read the articles here (make sure you don't miss part two).

What kind of beast is the SVDS? Well, it was the first cordless system to be adopted by major rock acts because it solved technical problems common to earlier wireless systems. The reliable sound and freedom of movement it provided paved the way for bands to tour with large multi-level stages in arenas. The device is also part of Angus's pumped up clean sound.  More information on the SVDS here and on SoloDallas.com

SoloDallas, Angus' guitar Wizzard and Stevie improving the pinball high score.

Pictures copyright of SoloDallas.

donderdag 1 mei 2014

Stormy May Day guaranteed in Vancouver!

As announced by Brian Johnson a couple of months ago and in spite of recent turmoil, the band seems about to enter the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, Canada.

AC/DC's monster sound techs and backline have already arrived in the studio to preheat the valves.  A recent Facebook picture shows Brian and Cliff arriving at some airport.  Also Angus is reported in Vancouver.  Probably not just for a cup of tea.   All signs are there: it is clear the band will meet in the studio.

Of course we are all curious what will come out, how many new riffs Angus has up his sleeves, or pre-registered with Malcolm.  But they first might want to take some time together as a band, reflecting upon past events and with a special thought for Malcolm, before "knocking a few tunes out", as Brian called it.

(pictures ACDCBrasil.net)