dinsdag 11 november 2014

Less than a month before Rock or Bust album release...

... and the band is getting ready to reveal the plans for their 2015 world tour.

The promotional campaign - with teasing material dripping from the band's Facebook and Twitter account - is getting side tracked by some humming noise around drummer Phil Rudd, behaving as a real Rocker. To all fans it was a surprise to see him missing from the official photo shoot and the recording of the new video clips, in which he was replaced by Bob Richards (read full story here).
His story is all smudged out in the tabloid press and by people that know people that never were actually there.  I just don't like to read this kind of crap and you know what happened with sleazy tabloid reporter at the end of the 1986 Danger video...? Right !  I would rather like to think of it as an unfortunate and late promo campaign for his solo record Head Job.  Come on Phil, get your stuff together and prove to the rest of the band you are ready to get on stage during what could be the last tour of AC/DC!  
Anyways: here's the video of Play Ball, recorded in London last month and released just an hour ago. There's some pretty awesome ball work in there!  
Below there's a video showing the making of.

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