maandag 24 november 2014

* WIN WIN WIN * Listen to Rock or Bust ! * The "Battle of the Drummers Tour" *

Win a pair of tickets to the Official Rock or Bust Launch Party on 29 November in Cartoon's in Antwerp, Belgium, thanks to BEDLAM IN BELGIUM and Sony Music. .
Take your chances and use the contact form on your right to send me your name / email / mobile phone number and the answer on the following question (Who plays drums on the Rock or Bust album?), and you might be on the guest list for this evening in style: airbrush tattoo session, duckwalk contest, Dj sets (Dries Van Damme, Alex Agnew and Andries Beckers) with lots of prizes to win.  You could even walk out with a real Gibson SG guitar!!  You won't regret to come dressed up.

A few days before the official release date, you can now listen to the full album Rock or Bust via iTunes streaming:  Click here to get to the streaming

In recent interviews, the boys talk about going on the road whatever happens.  And that is with or without Phil.  Angus gave a good advice for young bands: "Never turn your back on the drummer" and during the first canon of the 21 gun salute in For Those About To Rock: "BOOM - and there goes your drummer".
In the meantime 4 different historical AC/DC drummers have been warming up in the past couple of days.  Even Tony Currenti, drummer on the High Voltage album, Also second drummer Noel Taylor appeared along the sides of Tony on the Let There Be Rock tribute show last week in Australia.   Our favorite Chris Slade seems to be in major shape and also Simon Wright keeps banging the cymbals!  With Damocles' Sword swinging above AC/DC's drum stool, we could start calling it "The battle of the Drummers Tour"....

Chris Slade Razor's Edge - picture from Chrissladetimeline

Tony Currenti

Noel Taylor

Simon Wright

 And Phil?  Well it seems he's seriously considering guitar....:

Phil Rudd

Here's the new video clip: with yet another drummer, Bob Richards:


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