zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Sold out in just 2 hours! Bedlam in Belgium!

It is most likely you have tried to get tickets for only Belgian show in 2015 around 9 o'clock this morning.  You were not alone!  Thousands of other Belgians woke up early to get their part of the cake.   Same here: the blue waiting line circle is still printed on my retina...., but we managed to get tickets.

In case you were not succesful this morning, it is still recommended to enlist on the waiting list, as some tickets might become still available.   Go to the waiting list : here.  Complaints can be send to this address.  It's always better than buying tickets on the black market at outrageous prices and they might not even be valid....  Don't buy on the black market: remember in 2009 over 1.000 black tickets were (read here) deleted!

The 50.000 tickets sold out in an amazing 2 hours.  That's Riff Raff!  Angus and Malcolm tiptoe through the house, like on this picture from 1974, as the band is now more popular than ever.  (picture by M. Browning)

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