zaterdag 7 februari 2015

Sound of the drums ... beating in my heart

Today and after lots of rumours and speculation, the quest for the next best AC/DC drummer has come to an end.  Chris "Mr Thunderstruck" Slade or the power house on the Razor's Edge album confirmed via his Facebook page that he will be joining the band for both the Grammy's this Sunday and the upcoming Rock or Bust world tour:

"YES the drum stool is under OLD management! You will, I am sure know by now, CHRIS SLADE will re-join AC/DC for the GRAMMYS tomorrow Sunday 8th Feb and for their new ROCK OR BUST tour!  Personal message from Slade ‘This is an amazing opportunity for me, after all most people don’t ever get to play with their favourite band once, let alone TWICE! I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I have been shown personally, on the Facebook page and other social media, not one comment has gone unread and it has been very humbling, Thanks so much. We apologise for the secrecy, please understand this was for all the right reasons."

                                                Let there be Drums!  Welcome back Chris!

Chris Slade who turns 69 this year will be the elder member of the band.  He has over 50 years of experience if you figure he played on Tom Jones' 1965 debut album. Chris was asked to replace Simon Wright to record the Razor's Edge album in 1990 and the Big Gun single for the sound track of Last Action Hero in 1993.  After touring with AC/DC he parted with the band when Malcolm Young told him that they migth give Phil Rudd another chance.

The news must be a tough bone to chew for Phil Rudd, who recorded Rock or Bust with the band but whose legal troubles seem to last longer than wished for.  Recently, the news got word that his appearance in court got adjourned until April, when the Rock or Bust tour starts with Coachella, the first date for the moment.
                                         The King, The Thunder, The Tom Jones.

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