maandag 25 mei 2015

Rock Or Bust Tour Report: Pelouse Or Bust - Paris 23 May 2015

The first night in Paris was an indeniable hit.  Watching from the front row, I am still deaf from one ear - I forgot those earplugs - and rednosed - I forgot that sunscreen - from queueing up on the hot concrete outside the stadium.

Two fans asking beer from the wrong Angus.

Devil horns!

No One Is Innocent

From this show, I will remember the brilliant warm up job from Vintage Trouble, and special for the French dates local hero No One Is Innocent, who play poignant  politically tinted power rock.  The crowd in a packed Stade de France sounded more thirsty then during a final of the French football cup. The crowd exploded even before the landing of the Rock or Bust comet and the Pelouse d'Or got hot like a whirlpool without water.

Angus in trance fly-checking the binding of his favorite SG guitar, swinging it around his body like a lady in a good ol' rock 'n roll while playing the most incredible solos: that's AC/DC!  
At one point he played with his tie!

Just like in Munich, Angus swopped for a Gibson SG Standard Limited Natural Burst on one song.  Its colour would nicely fit to play onto HTH.

The AC/DC machine seems to be on cruise speed.  The more they play together the better they get and the more Angus' knees will suffer.  What a blast!  You never get the impression their engine is slowing down. Quite impressive!

I'm preparing now for Barcelona, where I will try to get to Cliff's side.  The zoom of my camera is not powerful enough to capture him from the left side!  But first the next Paris show!

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