zaterdag 13 juni 2015

Desselse Details..... All information on the Belgian show in Dessel

Livenation has just published opening hours of the festival grounds and announced the line up.
Rival Sons have been added to the line up to our great (positive) surprise.

Stay tuned for reports and for more information on the day f the show follow @damnation69 on Twitter or #acdcdessel.

Timing (subject to changes):
14:00 - doors Metal Plaza
16:00 - doors concert arena
19:00 - 19:45 - RIVAL SONS
20:30 - 21:15 - VINTAGE TROUBLE
21:45 - 23:45 - AC/DC

maandag 1 juni 2015

Rock Or Bust Tour Report: Olé Barcelona - Paris 29 May 2015

AC/DC's Rock or Bust comet hit Spain last Friday, with a first of three shows, in the capital Barcelona.  31 May and 2 June they will play in Spain's other capital, Madrid.  Around 45.000 people attended this show under a clear and refreshing Barcelona sky.  Big difference with the cold and rainy Arnhem and Munich shows! The way to the stadium was packed with Atletico Bilbao fans, who gathered for the Copa del Rey finals and did some warm-up party.  They did clearly not know yet how much they would suffer against Barcelona FC some 24h later.....  

 This time I watched the show from a distance to admire the great light show and the big screens on the stage.  Quite a different experience.  What was really different was the cheering from the Catalan people.  Chorusses were enhanced with oh-oh's that reminded me of the South American crowds on the Buenos Aires DVD - but not as loud.  Silence between songs got filled with Olé's.  All to the big enjoyment of the band.  It certainly set Angus on fire, playing the limited edition Natural Burst SG on Dirty Deeds this time.  

Just like in Munich, Brian paid tribute to Malcolm during his vocal improvisations during High Voltage, screaming out his name.  I wonder if a lot of people notice that, but it's a honorable thing.  Also Bon appears quite a few times on the big screens in the form of his statue on the shorefront in Fremantle, Australia.

Objective achieved: Cliff's side!


After a couple of Estrella beers, all of a sudden there were two Angus'es on stage, swinging like the Lionel Messi from Rock 'n Roll.  

Spain event T-shirt