woensdag 19 augustus 2015

Rock Or Bust Tour Report: Wembley 4 July 2015

I know, it took me a while to report about this show.  I was too busy traveling and taking holidays, just like the band, who are enjoying their well deserved break before the Rock or Bust comet hits the United States on 22 August.  Still savouring the sweet aftertaste of the many great AC/DC shows I've seen so far, I must say that this Wembley show was the best of many in a row.  For me this gig topped the best shows from the Black Ice Tour.  What a shape the band was in!  Malcolm can be proud of his mates honouring his wish to continue making music.  The sound was incredible.  It was noticeable that the outdoor sound from the second half of the tour was much better than the first half where it was way too loud distorting the cabin speakers.  The team corrected that and conducted a speaker test right before the show started, this didn't happen for example in Paris where my ears suffered big time.  The band's energy could be best compared to a steaming rock 'n roll train hitting the red overdrive bar in the dashboard.  

 Wembley, Get It Hot !

The energy in the crowd was also the highest (and toughest) of all shows seen this tour.  Wembley was on fire that night, supported by the stadium bar that lit up red.  From time to time your feet wouldn't touch ground.  As you can spot in the first picture above, there was no floor separation or golden circle for the ground field like in other venues.  This caused a huge pression and heat upfront! It was a miracle I could take pictures - many thanks to the stabilisor in my pocket camera!  

Wembley was the best and Dessel was the last show on this tour for me.  It was much fun. Special thanks to the Irish crew in London for a first class AAA welcome, to Chris Slade and Stevie Young for keeping the show rolling and last but not least to Malcolm who made it all possible.  I'm dreaming of Japan, and hoping for a 2016 follow up.  The fans don't need to be convinced.  Long live rock 'n roll.

Brian giggling while getting tickled by Super Ang

Classical pose at the end of each song - Angus looking for Chris ...

... and finally finding him

                    Brian's lemon & rosemary power drink      Underground poster                                     

 Canons waiting to be shipped to the US ...