zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Rose or Bust ! Rehearsals update and preparing for AC/DC in Werchter

Tonight is the first Rock or Bust show without Brian in Lisbon. To honour this particular moment,  in AC/DC history, I decided to write another article for the blog.  And yes, I've been away for quite a while from the whining circus.  I am glad we can enjoy our favorite band once more and that Axl helps them out for the last shows.  Without opening the Briangate discussions, I have one more thought on the situation: Brian promised us 40 shows before the tour start.  "40 shows, in respect to Malcolm's wish to keep on making music".   The year 2015 has been particularly difficult in that respect, without Malcolm, then Phil.  And Brian was commited to giving all he got.  He gave MORE than those 40 shows: he did 65.  THAT IS COMMITMENT.  That is paying respect to Malcolm's wish.  Thank you so much, Brian.  We've enjoyed every split second of it.  

We now learned more of the recruitment process from the BBC interview below: Axl had called Dale 'Opie' Skjerseth, long time production manager for the band, to express his interest wanting to help the band out.  Angus: "Who is this guy? What does he do?".  Rest will be history after tonight.  Trust Angus on this one.  He was right on Chris and Stevie - and on Brian before.  Let's celebrate rock and roll.

In the other video below, you can find a sneak preview of what AC/DC with Axl Rose sounds from the Portugal rehearsals.  Personally, I think it is going to be great.  The best we can get given the circumstances and I trust Angus in his choice.  Some stuff sounds really good, for other songs like the iconic Brian song Back in Black, is will be challenging.  Looking forward to discover that live.   Also nice to hear are some new old songs on the rehearsals list.  Let's hope they will make it to the final setlist!

Let's talk about Belgium, our first chance to experience the new configuration live.  
For that Werchter show, special "Night Train" tickets (a very appropriate concept) are available through the National Railway company and are valid from any Belgian railway station for 19EUR.  You can order them here:

Oh, yes and there was the miserable communication from Live Nation on the ticket refunds.  My information request to Livenation remained unanswered, but it appears that tickets were exceptionally reimbursed for a limited period of time only.  Live Nation Belgium was one of the last ticketing companies to propose a refund.  Scandinavia, Germany and England were faster to settle an agreement with the production.  This sure gave ticket scalpers the opportunity to recover their money ... 7000 ticket holders reportedly have requested a refund for the show in Belgium.  Hopefully Live Nation will communicate more clearly on the schedule and opening band(s).  The Sore Losers could be a great score for that night!
The good news is that tickets are again available: but at the time of writing of this article, the link is down.  It is unclear if tickets are still available at this point in time.

Let's get the party started.  We'll be there.

BBC band interview (Youtube)

Stage/Chair placement inspection in Lisbon (Facebook)

12 rehearsal recordings (Youtube)

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