dinsdag 14 juni 2016

Rock or Bust Tour Report: London Olympic Stadium 04-06-2016

Here is the report of my final AC/DC show.  At least for this tour.  At least for this leg of the tour.
I must say it was the perfect show in perfect company - thank you the Belgian Crew - for our farewells.  But you never know.  From a very good source we know that "this rolling train is difficult to stop".  The AC/DC machine can't impossibly call it quits.  The legacy rolls on.  

On our way to the stadium, we crossed the bagpipe player and a dedicated Young Food Truck: we knew we were on the right track! 

Once into the newly refurbished stadion, that otherwise reminded us of the Wembley Arena, we admired colorful beauty and discovered a dedicated front of stage zone, which was way more comfortable than last year in Wembley, where no separation in the ground field had the effect of 35 botox needles on our body once the show was over. 

 Less pressure front of stage this year, but still quite tight in the tribune!

Thumbs up to Brian

It was a pleasure to see Tylor Bryant and the Shakedown again.  I appreciate their style - excellent warm up stuff.

Angus was wearing a West Ham United colored tie for the occasion, then hanging it in Axl Rose bandana style to his waist:

The setlist was predictable but with Axl duckwalking around on stage, the show felt much more lively than in Werchter.  The band was visibly having fun on stage and was ON FIRE.  We recall Axl smiling, Stevie being interviewed on-stage by Axl on how he liked the show and Angus making hipwaist moves I don't recall seeing before.  Thank you AC/DC - wel'll meet again - WE SALUTE YOU.

And you ....ask me bout the clothes I wear....?  Well yeah.  I thought Axl was hinting on Touch Too Much, while the audience kept asking what exactly the ducktape on his t-shirt was hiding.  You can still get yours on domrebel.com if you want to find out for yourself.